Sunday, May 25, 2014


Why ISB is better than NUS

  • Shorter time duration
  • Don't have to worry about the internship
  • Placement is easier as companies come to the campus and directly pick you up (Colleges outside India do not have concept of campus placement.. students normally apply on their own to the job vacancies posted on the college job portal)
  • Easier to change field of work after MBA (In NUS its almost impossible to change field of work because the employers will not call you for interview unless you have the relevant experience)
  • Cheaper than NUS (including the living expenses in Singapore .. after all its the most expensive city in the world)

Why NUS is better than ISB
  • Gives a more international exposure (ISB has almost 90% indian students.. completely opposite to NUS MBA)
  • Chance to get employed in Singapore
  • Build contacts with international people
  • Since Singapore has a mix of all Asian natioanlities, the course at NUS gives a more diverse picture of how Asian economy works
  • Although there is no campus placements but you can get a chance to get job with more international companies
  • (in my opinion) NUS MBA is more prestigious than ISB

Saturday, May 10, 2014

S3 Asia MBA: Shanghai Semester

It all starts with Shanghai in S3 Asia MBA at Fudan University. Shanghai is a beautiful city and for all those who haven't visited China before, it will be a shock. Shanghai was way better than I ever imagined it to be after all it is located in most populated country in the world. The city no doubt is very beautiful and well managed but it is a very big cultural shock. In spite of being the most global city in China, people rarely understand English and vegetarian food is very very difficult to find (one of the reasons I turned non-vegetarian with in a week after reaching there). Therefore, it is better to learn some basic Chinese words before reaching there (Wuo bu chi roe - I do not eat meat... might help.. first words I learnt). Also, always keep your address in Chinese handy otherwise you will never reach the destination. Good way to deal with this is install Google translator app on your smart phone.

Fudan semester starts with one week long orientation, which was quite fun because S3 Asia students are teamed with the two year IMBA students. So it is a good chance to make friends with them. Generally, this friendship turns out to be for lifetime. 

Semester at Fudan is not very difficult. There is plenty of time to meet people, explore China, have party (which happens quite frequently at Tohee Student Dormitory) and study. Some of the professors at Fudan are really good. Subjects that are taught at Fudan are: Business in China, DMD (Data Modelling and Decision), Financial Accounting, Management Economics, Managerial Communication, Organizational Behavior, Business Insights (in this course you visit companies in Shanghai and then present a report on it). And of course there is a zero credit course in Basic Chinese too (It is a good opportunity to learn everyday Chinese so that you can order food, take taxi and be able to tell your name in Chinese but not beyond that). Fudan also has a very good Career development office. They review your resume and if you know Chinese there are plenty of job opportunities in China (far more than I imagined and salary is quite good.. the only barrier is language). 

Tips to survive Fudan Semester
  • Make best use of the free time available in Fudan. Make lot of friends and spend time with your classmates to make lifetime bonds. Party a lot. 
  • Start applying for internships by December
  • Start eating non veg so that Shanghai and Seoul does not bother you food wise (many of our seniors have survived being a vegetarian but I personally found it really difficult)
  • Explore China (some of my classmates went to Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well)
  • China is the cheapest among the 3 countries (For Indians its still expensive.. but keep this fact in mind)