Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cost Analysis : Shanghai semester

1 Yuan (Chinese Currency) = 10 INR

Different kinds of rooms are available in Tohee
(65/75/80/85 Yuan per day).
Deposit: 2000 Yuan
Charges: According to number of days that you stay. Charged per day and the full payment for September to December has to be made on the first day itself.
Utilities: Normally comes to around 100 yuan per month

Shanghai is not very expensive in terms of food compare to Seoul and Singapore. The school cafeteria is horrible so you will end up eating all the meals outside everyday.
Average meal near school : ~20 yuan per meal
Vegetarian food is difficult to find but you can easily get chicken and pork everywhere. For Muslims halal meat is very easy to find. There are many shops that offer halal meat infact, there is one right below Tohee.
Coffee: 8-25 Yuan
There is a Walmart near school (around 1.5 km from Tohee) so you can practically get everything there.
Fruits: Not very cheap but you very easily available near school
Indian Food: There are few Indian places in downtown area but it is comparatively expensive. I have heard that recently somebody has opened an Indian restaurant at DaXue lu (university Road) near Fudan University.
FYI - 'DaXue' mean University and 'lu' means Road

There is a subway station right beside Walmart (not far from school). Taxis and buses are also readily available.
Buy a subway travel card and same card can be used to pay for buses.
Always carry the address in Chinese if you are taking a taxi so that you can show it to the taxi driver and he can easily drop you there after that.

Calling charges: 
In China you can easily get a sim card by just giving the money. No need of ID card or photograph.
Calling Rates and Internet charges: Higher than in India. I can't remember the exact numbers now but you can easily but different cards ranging from 10 yuan to 50 05 100 yuan. For international calling you can use Skype credit or Nymgo (comes out to be almost same price as local calling in India)
Wifi: You can buy a 80 yuan wifi card from Tohee reception and get unlimited wifi for one month