Sunday, May 25, 2014


Why ISB is better than NUS

  • Shorter time duration
  • Don't have to worry about the internship
  • Placement is easier as companies come to the campus and directly pick you up (Colleges outside India do not have concept of campus placement.. students normally apply on their own to the job vacancies posted on the college job portal)
  • Easier to change field of work after MBA (In NUS its almost impossible to change field of work because the employers will not call you for interview unless you have the relevant experience)
  • Cheaper than NUS (including the living expenses in Singapore .. after all its the most expensive city in the world)

Why NUS is better than ISB
  • Gives a more international exposure (ISB has almost 90% indian students.. completely opposite to NUS MBA)
  • Chance to get employed in Singapore
  • Build contacts with international people
  • Since Singapore has a mix of all Asian natioanlities, the course at NUS gives a more diverse picture of how Asian economy works
  • Although there is no campus placements but you can get a chance to get job with more international companies
  • (in my opinion) NUS MBA is more prestigious than ISB


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