Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Basic Information about NUS MBA

Scholarship - very few people get it. May be only 1 in 10

NUS specialty - Finance. They claim to haev best placements in finance.
Education loans - There are many companies in India like Credila that provide education loan to cover the full tution fee and living expenses. The interest rate may be little higher than the government banks because normally govt banks do not give you loans of such high amounts.

Reasons for choosing NUS - Lot of Indian students go to NUS mainly because of the following reasons: 
  • Its one of the well known colleges in Asia
  • Gives you international exposure and opens the gate to get settled in Singapore
  • Cheaper than US colleges (less than half of what US colleges normally cost)
  • Near to home and flights are sometimes cheaper than the domestic travel
Job market in Singapore - Job market in Singapore is very different from most of the otehr Asian countries since they give a lot of emphasis on specialization. They prefer to give higher weightage to person who is experienced rather than a person who has MBA. So its not a very good place to change your field of work. 
Consulting companies like McKinsey/Bain/BCG in NUS - Not sure but I think most of these companies come to NUS but higher at max 1 person every year. These companies higher lot of people from Insead so NUS is like theie 2nd option. 

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