Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NUS S3 Asia MBA - Basic info

This program is very unique and offers specialization in East Asian economies. For this program students spend one semester each in different countries. Starting from first semester in Shanghai, China to next semester in Seoul, South Korea and the final semester in Singapore.

There are many advantages of this course that come along with some of the difficulties that a student faces because of constant moving from one place to the other.

Fees - Total fees is SGD 60,000. Although you study in different college for each semester, the fees goes to NUS each semester (for NUS students)
College in China - Fudan University
College in Korea - Korea University

Average Living expenses -

  • Starting from Shanghai, which is the cheapest of the three cities (but obviously more expensive than India) - INR 3,00,000 (including hostel fee)
  • Seoul - More expensive than Shanghai (especially the food is almost 5 times more expensive) - INR 4,00,000 (including hostel fee)
  • Singapore - most expensive of all - INR 5,00,000 (including hostel fee)
Visa process - Visa process for all these countries is not at all difficult
  • China - Since this is the first country that you go to so you can easily apply for visa from India. Visa fee is around INR 3000-4000 and you easily get visa within a week after submitting the application. Also, you need to do some medical tests for the visa application
  • South korea - Visa process is even more simple than China. Just go to embassy in Delhi or Kolkata and fill up the form (don't need medical tests for this). You get visa within 4 days. The only complication here is you can apply for visa only from home country so you have to come back to India during break (which normally varies from 4-5 weeks). Cost around INR 3000-4000. 
  • Singapore - The college will apply for visa on your behalf so no need to worry. 
Placement Scenario - 
  • Advantage - NUS has a placement website that all the NUS students have access to. SO technically you have almost the same options available as the regular NUS students. Plus you can also access the Fudan and Korea University placement websites. So if you are keen on working in these countries you have exposure to lot of opportunities
  • Disadvantage - If you don't know Mandarin or Korean, Fudan and Korea University website are not much of the help because 80% of the cases they don't prefer to hire foreigners who don't knwo the language. But still there is no harm in trying. One more disadvantage is that - S3 Asia semester has slightly different timings for summer vacation that regular NUS students so sometimes we face difficulty in placement. Most of the companies that post vacancy on NUS job portal want to hire for that particular interval of time so it becomes difficult to shift that window for few students. However, there are many students who manage to do that and land up with very good jobs. 

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